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A Story about Love, Friendship, and Betrayal and the importance of being truthful and exercising forgiveness in relationships.

Follows the journey of Leading Lady Erica and her husband and their current marriage troubles. She is joined by her friends at the local beauty salon that encourage her to get a full makeover. With the help of friends, a positive word from the Pastor and being introduced to a new handyman..She experiences a true, “Love Makeover”.

Features several ladies sharing their different experiences of Menopause and how it has affected their relationships with the Men in their life, their mental, physical and emotional health and life overall. If you’ve seen Vagina Monologues or For Colored Girls..You’ll love Men-O-Pause!

ou, Me & He merges Hip Hop & The Church while bringing awareness to Taboo subjects that plaque our communities. Bree a Singer & spiritual woman devoted to her church and her faith meets Dre a Rapper devoted to the streets. What happens when they join forces together to pursue their Music Dreams? Do they stay together despite the obstacles faced or do they return to their 1st loves?


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A story about looking out for your friends and not letting anyone stop you from your dreams, even if it costs you your life. This story also brings awareness to Domestic Violence.

A Love Triangle, that suddenly goes wrong, who is going to be held accountable for the crime, or crimes. Who will be left to blame when the Love Triangle moves from 3 people to one person.

A Story about Love, Friendship, and Betrayal and the importance of being truthful and exercising forgiveness in relationships.

A Sports Drama about pursuing your dreams and fighting through generational cycles and generational traumas and mental health challenges to Change The Game for your family, relationships and your career.

A humorous, yet thoughtful lesson on what it means to be a “soul mate.”

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Centers on a middle- class, dysfunctional family whose faith balances their struggles of everyday life often interrupted by Dad (Warehouse worker) and his obnoxious co-workers, the 3 kids at school, Drunk Aunt, Intruding neighbors while the Mother attempts to maintain sanity.

What happens when two gorgeous, charming, talented, yet rugged kids from the South move in with the Savviest, Upscale, Most Sophisticated, Entertainment Woman in the West who just so happens, to run the company, Bondafide Entertainment. Will this Common Bond cause destruction or the total opposite.

Situational comedy about a Homeless woman’s journey through life with her 3 Homeless friends touring the neighborhood. We will see how even though she is less fortunate, with her wisdom and infectious personality and heart she leaves a lasting impact with everyone she encounters.

In Living Color Meets Saturday Night Live & Mad TV. A sketch comedy/variety TV series with Breakout comedians and Hosted by a celebrity guest comic each week.

Old School Values and New School Rules collide as the Father Smitty Rawlins and estranged Son Kevin bounce from one misadventure to the next. They discover they have more in common than they care to admit if they can survive combining both worlds together.

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Four multicultural, high strung female detectives ban together in LA to solve crimes despite the obstacles they face with criminals and their antagonizing, chauvinistic male boss



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